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Huawei to launch two tablets and a phone at MWC 2014, still has time to mock its rivals

Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G front camera macro

Huawei has released a short video teasing us about its plans for Mobile World Congress, and like all the best promo videos, it shows some cheeky shots of new hardware, while taking some very unsubtle swipes at the competition. Huawei’s not holding back either, as it deliberately targets Apple and Samsung.

The video features someone talking to what looks like Siri on an iPhone, asking “what’s new at this year’s Mobile World Congress?” Always willing to help, not-Siri says she’ll take a look, and goes on to show off a few new Huawei devices which will launch at the show. They’re damn good, those Apple products.

First, we get a sneak peak at a tablet with “a beautiful slim design,” featuring a battery which will last for several days without needing a recharge. With the tablet done, we’re on to a new smartphone, apparently equipped with an amazing front camera. Then, we’re back to tablets with a “multimedia” device which can connect to next-generation LTE networks, which we take it means LTE-Advanced.

Huawei’s teaser video almost completely confirms a previous rumor report, where we were told to expect the company to launch a smartphone and two tablets at MWC. However, we’d also raised our hopes about a Huawei smartwatch, something the video doesn’t mention at all. Let’s hope it’s still going to be there.

Back to the video. With the promotion out of the way, it’s time to mock the competition. Amazed by the new products, narrator man asks not-Siri if they’re made by “Fruit” or “Somesong.” It must have been a crazy day in Huawei’s marketing department when they came up with those corkers. Anyway, the reply is “No, they are Huawei,” and it’s ready to “amaze the world again.”

Dodgy marketing campaigns aside, we were genuinely impressed by the Ascend Mate 2, which launched during CES 2014, and are keen to see what Huawei will bring to MWC. According to the firm’s Facebook page, it’ll be holding an event on February 23 in Barcelona, when we should see everything it has to offer.

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