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Gett introduces “Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back” guarantee

if uber is cheaper than gett will pay for your ride new year eve

Over the New Year’s holiday period, Uber drew plenty of fire for its surge pricing, and now, one New York City company is snatching all those disgruntled customers. Today, Gett, the on-demand black car service centered in the Big Apple, launched its first-ever “Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back” guarantee in New York City. It’s exactly what it sounds like — a promise that you’ll get from point A to point B for less money with Gett than you will with Uber, or your money back. If they fail to make good on that promise, simply email your Uber receipt to and get a free ride credit.

Gett has long hung its hat on a no-surge model, and now, in addition to its impressive $10 rides for New Yorkers below 110th Street, the company is taking aim even more sharply at competitors with this new guarantee. Because Gett operates on a flat pricing plan, riders always know exactly what they’ll be charged — even before they get a Gett. For quite some time now, the company has assured customers of being the low-cost alternative to Uber, and now, it’s putting its money where its mouth is.

Starting today, the company says, its “Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back” guarantee will prove Gett’s cost effectiveness. “Simply open the Gett app and select the same type of vehicle as your Uber trip,” the company said in a statement. For an Uber X, select Gett Standard; for Uber Black, select Gett Premium; and for Uber Black SUV, select Gett SUV. Then, enter the origin and destination of your Uber trip and compare Gett’s prices (don’t worry, you won’t actually have to order that same trip).

If Gett’s quote is higher than what you paid Uber, you’ll just email your Uber receipt over and receive a free ride credit equal to Gett’s fixed quote. And because the company will round up to the nearest $5 increment, you’re really getting more than you paid for. Gett will cap you out at $100, but still, $100 of free rides in New York City is nothing to sneeze at.

“Gett provides similar services to Uber, but also gives consumers the option to book cars immediately or pre-book the ride in advance, all at a much better rate.” said Gett CEO Shahar Waiser. “Many riders are also tired of paying exorbitant rates due to surge pricing,” but now, maybe they don’t have to.

So make use of all those Uber receipts you’ve got clogging up your inbox. Who says retroactive action doesn’t pay off?

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