iHeartRadio will sing its way to Samsung Gear 2

iheartradio app making way samsung galaxy gear 2 ihr sw3
The new Gear 2 does not look like this. This is a render of the original Galaxy Gear

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While we weren’t too hot on the original Samsung Galaxy Gear, we did like how you could control media on your phone. If you were listening to a song, you could control it using the smartwatch. This was a boon for people who hate taking their phone in order to skip to the next song. You could do this not just with media on your phone, but from other apps on your phone, like Pandora.

However, the Galaxy Gear only allowed you to control media from your phone using its media controller app; there were no tailor-made Galaxy Gear apps that integrated with apps like Pandora and Spotify. Clear Channel Media and Entertainment decided to remedy that by announcing a version of iHeartRadio for the recently announced Gear 2 at Mobile World Congress.

According to Clear Channel, the iHeartRadio app will allow users to access live and custom stations, save favorites, scan live stations, skip songs on custom stations, and thumbs up or down any song.

The Gear 2 will work with more than 30 Samsung devices, which include Galaxy tablets, the Galaxy Note, and Galaxy S smartphones. We do not yet know exactly which those devices it will work with yet.

The Gear 2 will be available sometime in April.