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New video sharing app imDown promises to change your video experience on mobile

When it comes to mobile technology, we’ve definitely mastered the art of sharing photos via our smartphones. When it comes to capturing any single moment in time, it seems that we’ve got no problems. But less explored and more mysterious still is the realm of video sharing — until now, that is. Today, the new Full-Screen Vertical (FSV) video sharing app imDown hits app stores for download, and will allow content creators and storytellers alike to upload and share their content to be viewed on mobile devices in the way it was meant to be seen. The app promises a new way to experience video in a truly captivating way, all by taking advantage of the vertical landscape.

While most videos you’ve watched on your phone (up until now, of course) have forced you to turn your device length-wise (or otherwise put up with a very small screen), imDown is getting ready to amend that bad habit. The imDown team claims that vertical video “is found to increase viewer engagement nine times more than horizontal,” and of course, it also makes for a more seamless viewing experience.

“We are providing content creators with a fast and easy way for them to transform their videos into a format we are now more accustomed to consuming — vertical and full screen,” imDown founder and CEO Jose Llorens says. “This is just the beginning for mobile video. With imDown, we are making this content accessible for everyone to discover video in this growing format.”

Users will be able to upload content that is up to a minute long, and will also be able to tag uploads so that they’re searchable by other members of the imDown community. Categories currently include topics like Adrenaline, Beauty, Creative, Epic Fails, and of course, Twerk.

“imDown is more than an app,” the team says. “It is a lifestyle committed to encouraging people to share their stories with the world in the best way possible.”

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