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Apple has fixed the big bug with iMessage, sort of

iMessage 2
Although it’s well beyond the comprehension of die-hard Apple fans as to why anyone would dump their iPhone for an Android or Windows Phone device, such acts of iOS desertion do happen.

Trouble is, when folk do scamper across to a rival platform, many of those ex-iPhone users discover that a number of text messages never make it to their new handset. The long-running issue is apparently down to an Apple iMessage bug that results in messages continuing to get routed to an iPhone no longer in anyone’s ownership.

The good news is that the tech giant has finally gotten around to properly dealing with the issue, launching a Web tool that allows people leaving iOS to deregister their phone number to ensure future messages are received on the correct – ie. their new – device.

The tool, located on Apple’s website here, offers two methods for dealing with the issue – one aimed at those who still have their iPhone, and another for those who’ve already shifted to another platform.

Frustration with the iMessage problem, and Apple’s apparent reluctance to sort it out in a timely fashion, led to a California woman filing a class action law suit against the Cupertino company back in May.

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