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Imgur gets a dedicated iPad app

imgur overhaul ipad
There’s a new way to browse cat pictures and GIFs, and it comes in the form a brand new Imgur iPad app.

Imgur has also announced updates for its iPhone and Android app, and they each take advantage of their respective operating system. For example, the updated iOS app offers Spotlight Search, and even utilizes 3D Touch, whereas the Android app adheres to Material Design guidelines. The Android app has a FAB — floating action button — that lets you instantly upload your own photos.

Double tapping on images adds an upvote, and there’s even a landscape mode for better viewing.


The dedicated iPad app splits the app into two columns for an easier browsing experience, and the apps across both platforms are just visually better than the previous version. The mobile Web interface has also been updated to reflect some of these changes.

It’s a big update, considering Imgur only launched its apps early last year, which only allowed people to browse. Now, the company says the app is used on average “three times every day and for over four hours every week per user.” That puts it up there with some of the most popular social network apps.

Along with the update to its iOS and Android apps, as well as a brand new iPad app, the company also announced the hiring of Ajay Arora as its new vice president of product. Arora previously built the global product team for Amazon’s Audible.

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