Put those filters down! Instagram is finally coming to Windows Phone

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Windows Phone owners, are you jealous of your Instagram photo-sharing friends who own Android or iOS phones? Of course, you are. After all, why wouldn’t you want to shrink down those lovely PureView shots to a lower resolution, then cover them in a filter? Well, your time is coming. In addition to announcing a selection of new smartphones and a tablet at an event this week, Nokia also confirmed Instagram is on its way to hardware running Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Before you head over to the Windows Phone Store in eager anticipation, you’ll need to calm down, as Nokia couldn’t give an exact timeframe for the app’s arrival, outside of it being in the coming weeks. Still, you’ve waited this long already, so what’s another month or so. Nokia backed up the news with a photo shared on Instagram, which showed its flagship camera phone, the Lumia 1020, next to a small handwritten note saying, “Boom!”

Windows Phone users will bolster the already 150 million-plus Instagram user base. Initially debuting on the iPhone, Instagram made it to Android some time later, and rumors of its Windows Phone launch have spread ever since. Nokia held a strong campaign on Twitter to force Instagram to take notice of Windows Phone, and even came up with its own app, named #ToInstaWithLove, to help push the service to Windows Phone users.

So, after several false alarms, Instagram for Windows Phone is finally coming. We’re looking forward to seeing how Instagram adapts the app for the unique look of the Windows Phone UI.