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Intel announces Lexington Atom chip Z2420 for emerging markets and Bay Trail quad-core Atom processor for tablets

Intel just announced the “Lexington” Atom chip, the Z2420, at CES 2013, which is targeted at emerging markets. This chip is described as a value proposition with modest specs compared to Medfield devices. The reference design has a 3.5-inch display with a 320×240 resolution, 1.2GHz single-core processor with hyper-threading, HSPA+ support, dual SIM capability, microSD card slot, FM radio, and wireless display sharing.

According to Intel it still offers “high performance multimedia” including 1080p video capture at 30fps, and support for dual shooters with 5MP and 1.3MP cameras which includes a 7 frame burst capture mode for still photography at 7fps. 

Apparently Acer, Safaricom and Lava are already working on devices based on the new reference design.

Intel also showed off its next gen tablet architecture with its Bay Trail 22nm chip which promises twice the performance of the current Atom processors. Designed specifically for tablets, the new processor will work with Windows and Android devices. It promises improved battery life and it should be available in the summer of 2013. We saw reference devices from Compal, Pegatron, and Wistron in the CES 2013 event.

There was also mention of Clover Trail+, the Atom Z2580 platform which is a slightly more powerful platform than the Lexington chips which are being aimed at emerging markets. The Z2580 should offer twice the power of the current Medfield Z2560 chips and better battery life, but details are scant. It’s also set for release later in the year.

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