Handy new iOS 10 tips and tricks to try out

Make the most of iOS 10 with these killer tips and tricks

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How to set effects for messages

Apple iOS 10 Beta 1
Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends

When you compose a message in the iMessage app, you can decide how the bubble will animate on your recipient’s screen. Simply tap and hold on the send icon after you’ve written a message and you’ll see the options for Slam, Loud, Gentle, or Invisible ink. These bubble effects can also work with images that you’re sending.

When you tap and hold to get the effects to come up, you can also switch from Bubble to Screen at the top and apply full-screen effects, complete with audio. Simply swipe to look through the full-screen effects that are available.

How to change your flashlight’s brightness

iOS Control Panel Flashlight

You’ll need an iPhone with 3D Touch capabilities to utilize this. Start by opening the control panel, then long press the flashlight icon to bring up Bright, Medium, and Low brightness settings.

How to quickly open Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Battery settings


Instead of having to navigate through the Settings app to check your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, why not rely on 3D Touch to cut out a few steps? Simply press down on the Settings app and to bring up options for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, and Battery. Tapping on any of the resulting options will bring you directly to their settings page.

How to prioritize downloads


If you have multiple apps downloading or updating simultaneously, you can decide which one is given priority over the rest by pressing down on the app and tapping Prioritize Download. Here, you can also pause and cancel downloads.

How to quickly reopen closed Safari tabs

If Safari is your browser of choice when using the iPhone or iPad, this particular trick could be incredibly useful. If you ever accidentally close a tab and need to find it again, tap the tab switcher in the bottom-right corner (aka the two overlapping squares), then press down on the addition sign to bring up the Recently Closed Tabs page. Provided you haven’t closed the app, your recent tabs should still be here.

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