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These are the best iOS 11 concept designs so far

ios 11 design concepts
Sam Beckett
The next iPhone is well on its way, and we’ve heard a ton of rumors about what the new phone (or phones) might look like. With any new smartphone, however, there’s sure to be a new operating system to go along with it. For the next iPhone, that means iOS 11. Although we’ll probably start hearing details regarding the mobile OS soon, creative minds are already at work creating concepts of what they want the operating system to look like. These aren’t based on any facts, but rather things the creators want to see in iOS 11. That said, here are some of our favorite iOS 11 concept designs so far.

iOS 11 Concept From Jacek Zieba

This is perhaps one of the newest concepts, and the best thing about it is that we can totally see it coming to fruition. The ideas in the video show some small and very reasonable tweaks to iOS 11 that would make things a lot easier in a number of different situations. For example, the video shows a beautiful and classic-looking Dark Mode, a feature that has long been requested by iOS users. The video also shows a slew of great features, including the ability to set up multiple accounts on a single iPad, a button for locking the screen orientation, and a split-screen mode for the iPhone. The latter would allow users to engage in a variety of activities simultaneously, meaning you could essentially watch a video while surfing the web.

All these changes are well-designed and look very Apple-esque, so perhaps Apple will take note and implement some of them in future iOS builds.


While this concept is a little less believable than the previous one, it still draws inspiration from Apple’s software. Only, that inspiration comes from the Apple Watch’s WatchOS, rather than iOS. As you can see in the video, the home screen seems to use a clock with circular icons surrounding it, which is very similar to the main screen on the Apple Watch.

Even the quick settings menu is a little more circular — it boasts a rounded border rather than the straight interface normally found on the iPhone. The concept even incorporates the Watch’s Digital Touch feature, which allows users to send little sketches and taps to other users.

ComConceptsiPhone iPhone 8 Concept

This concept isn’t limited to software, as it also shows a concept for the iPhone 8’s hardware. In the video above, the iPhone does away with the long-used Home button in favor of a larger display. The fingerprint sensor is built directly into the display and shows up in the bottom-left of the screen. The operating system is even given classy notifications, as well as a new control center, which looks sleeker than iOS’ current one.

Aside from the aforementioned hardware changes, this iOS concept shows some basic refinements that we could see Apple actually making in the future. There’s certainly no guarantee, but the changes look very Apple-esque and modern.

AGVideos iOS 11 Concept

This concept also deviates from the current iPhone hardware, but it’s interesting because of how it incorporates the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro. Like the previous concept, you can see that the device has a full-screen display that does away with the Home button. Instead, it features a dedicated software button along with an iPhone-optimized Touch Bar. That Touch Bar is mainly used for switching between apps quickly and efficiently.

The concept also shows a split-screen mode for the iPhone, a feature that has so far been limited to the iPad. Last but not least, it shows an “AirDrop 2.0,” which apparently allows users to share files by simply pushing on them with 3D Touch.

iOS 11 Concept — iPhone Lover

The fifth and final concept in our roundup also shows some basic UI tweaks that Apple could very easily implement in iOS 11. For example, the control center has been given 3D Touch controls, so if you hard press on the Wi-Fi button, you’ll have the ability to turn Wi-Fi on or quick select certain Wi-Fi networks. The concept also shows a handsome Dark Mode, which gives everything a subtle tint.

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