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iOS 4.3 tethered jailbreak sn0wbreeze for Windows released in beta


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A video popped up on the Internet last week showing a jailbroken iPad running on the newly release iOS 4.3, just days after Apple released its latest operating system update. There has actually been a tethered jailbreak — meaning a USB connection is required with every device reboot — available for Mac users since before last week’s iOS launch, and now Windows-folk can get in on the fun as well.

First, be forewarned that this particular jailbreak — iH8sn0w’s sn0wbreeze — is still in its beta phase, meaning that not all of the kinks have yet to be worked out. Unlockers will want to hold off too, as there’s no iOS 4.3 unlock yet. Further, it looks like this release only supports iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPod Touch; the newly released iPad 2 is noticeably absent from that list. That said, it’s been less than a week since the iOS release and we’ve already got publicly available jailbreaks that run on Mac and Windows operating systems. You can bet that added functionality, including an untethered alternative, will be coming soon enough.

Given all of the caveats, amateur jailbreakers will probably want to sit tight for a bit and wait for a more complete release. If you absolutely must break free of Apple’s device restrictions right this second, grab sn0wbreeze 2.3b1 right here. Detailed installation instructions are posted at unlockiphone, as posted by an iH8sn0w forum user.

In related news, Spirit and JailbreakMe 2.0 developer comex re-tweeted an image over the weekend of a jailbroken iPad 2 running iOS 4.3. The image’s original poster, iOS developer chpwn later clarified that the iPad was his but the jailbreak was comex’s work. Which means that one of the scene’s top jailbreakers is already pretty far along in his own efforts to reach the ultimate goal of an untethered solution.

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