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Fake ad tricks chumps into thinking iOS 7 makes iPhones waterproof

ios 7 does not make your phone waterproof

We can’t believe we even have to say this, but in case you were wondering: No, iOS 7 does not suddenly make your iPhone waterproof. If you heard that it does, whoever told you that is a big, fat liar.

The whole ‘iOS 7 makes your phone waterproof’ thing is a hoax apparently concocted by the merry pranksters of 4chan, who created an Apple-like ad (see below) that claims the company’s new mobile operating system, which launched last week, has the magic ability to keep moisture from frying users’ iPhones.

“Update to iOS 7 and become waterproof,” reads the ad, which goes on to claim that, “In an emergency, a smart-switch will shut off the phone’s power supply and corresponding components to prevent any damage to your iPhone’s delicate circuitry.”

This is, of course, a pile of nonsense – but we don’t have to explain that, right? You are all smart people who know that dunking your electronics buys you an instant ticket to Screwedville. Right? (Please, say yes!)

Some people, apparently, aren’t so tech-savvy. As the Independent reports, at least some poor saps were duped into giving their iPhones a bath, which resulted in some angry tweets. It also resulted in this amazing Vine:

A quick look at Twitter shows that, rather than being fooled by the fake ad, most people are just trying to trick more gullible types into ruining their expensive devices. Funny? Yes. Worth becoming a terrible person for? Maybe. Cool thing to do? Definitely not. 

Here’s the ad:

Fake iOS 7

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