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Before you blow $75 on an Apple fast charger, check this trick out

Fast charging is a blessing for people who spend a lot of time on the move — after all, in the brief moments at a coffee shop in between stops, every second counts.

That’s why it was such a big deal when Apple announced it would finally introduce fast charging to its smartphone lineup with the iPhone 8. No longer would iPhone users need to fall to their knees before power outlets, their hands trembling as they try to jam the charger in, desperate for that extra five-percent of battery life.

An iPad gets you close to fast charging without shelling out for new gear.

That bliss was short-lived, however, considering Apple also announced that fast charging would require a separate adapter ($50) and a USB-C to Lightning cable ($25). Given the $700 or more you might pay for an iPhone 8, that extra $75 might be a bitter pill to swallow.

If you have an iPad sitting around, however, you can get somewhat close to fast charging without shelling out additional cash for new gear.

Back in the days of the iPhone 6, people plugged in their phones with iPad chargers, which charged faster than the phone’s. iPad chargers are still compatible with the iPhone 8, but how do they compare to the new fast charging setup? Quite well, as it turns out.

The Unlockr’s David Cogen tested both chargers with the same phone — an iPhone 8 Plus — and did so with a dead battery. The fast charger was able to maintain a 6- to 8-percent lead for most of the charging process, with the gap closing a little as the charge neared completion. The fast charger fully charged the phone in 1 hour and 55 minutes, while the iPad charger finished in 2 hours and 7 minutes.

Given the small gap — roughly 12 minutes — between the charging times of the two chargers, it seems unnecessary to purchase the new adapter and cable if you already have an iPad charger on hand. If you don’t, and can’t stand the relatively slow charging afforded by the default iPhone 8 charger, it may be worth it to drop money on an upgrade.

David Cogen — a regular contributor here at Digital Trends — runs TheUnlockr, a popular tech blog that focuses on tech news, tips and tricks, and the latest tech. You can also find him on Twitter discussing the latest tech trends.

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