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Users reporting charging woes with the iPad Pro and the Nexus 5X

Apple iPad Pro
Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
From something as superficial as product category fulfillment to something as multi-layered as core philosophies, the iPad Pro and the Nexus 5X are two wildly different products. At the same time, they do share one common trait: issues reported by owners when they are charging.

Starting with the iPad Pro, multiple iPad Pro owners on Reddit and Apple’s support forum detail the charging issue, which can lead to everything from an iPad Pro that won’t wake up after charging to an iPad Pro that has a nonfunctioning touchscreen and home button. Thankfully, Apple is aware of these problems and is investigating them.

In the meantime, Apple advises that you can resolve these issues by force restarting your iPad Pro by holding both the sleep/wake and home buttons for 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo. For those plagued with these charging issues, they point to iOS 9.1 as the cause, since these issues are nonexistent in the beta version of iOS 9.2. Either way, we’ll wait and see where Apple points its finger.

Unfortunately, similar issues seem to affect certain Nexus 5X owners, who have created several threads on Reddit and XDA to voice their complaints. According to these users, while the Nexus 5X is charging, touchscreen responsiveness slows down to the point where the lag between finger input and what happens on-screen is visible.

One user, in particular, brought up the possibility that the Nexus 5X’s charging issues could be attributed to improper shielding from the phone’s 3A charging, which, in turn, would minimize the touchscreen’s effectiveness. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t commented on the veracity of this claim or the issue itself, though the “fix” seems to be to just not use the Nexus 5X while it’s charging.

Of course, the luxury of being able to use your phone while it’s charging dates back well before modern-day smartphones, so such a “fix” is sure to leave affected Nexus 5X owners quite unhappy.

The main takeaway, it seems, is even though the iPad Pro and Nexus 5X are very different products with a different type of customer in mind, they are just as susceptible to issues as any other mass-produced product.

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