iCloud does it again! iPad thieves foiled by incriminating selfies

iphone 6s icloud bug header

It’s hard to be a thief these days — technology always seems to catch up with the culprits. Police arrested two men in Houston, Texas who stand accused of stealing thousands of dollars and an iPad from a man’s truck. The thieves took incriminating selfies after the heist, which went straight to the victim’s iCloud, and then to the police.

Dorian Walker-Gaines and Dillan Thompson now stand accused of theft, and the victim, Randy Schaefer has his iPad and cash back.

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Walker-Gaines and Thompson reportedly stole $5000 cash and an iPad from Schaefer’s unlocked truck on January 8, while it was parked in front of his house. Schaefer gave the iPad up as lost until he saw photos of two men holding hundred dollar bills in his iCloud image feed. Schaefer then took the photos to police, who then followed the trail on social media straight to the thieves’ door.

The thieves also took a video of themselves flashing the hundred dollar bills they’d stolen, which later appeared on YouTube. The video description claims that the video surfaced after friends of Schaefer posted the pictures of the thieves found on iCloud on Reddit and other social media. Apparently, someone recognized the thieves and linked the YouTuber to Walker-Gaines’ Facebook account where he had posted the video.

A few other stolen items were later found outside a Starbucks, where Schaefer believes the thieves took the selfies that would soon lead to their downfall. That’s another crime solved, thanks to iCloud and the power of the Internet.