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iPadOS 17 has a hidden surprise for fans of the original iPad

The original iPad wallpaper in iPadOS 17.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends / Digital Trends

There were a lot of exciting announcements yesterday at WWDC 2023, Apple’s yearly developer conference, especially with things coming to iPadOS 17. But one small Easter egg seems to have made its way in with the software update for longtime Apple fans.

Fans of the original iPad will remember the wallpaper that Apple’s first tablet had by default that was used in all of the promotional ads and marketing. Now, with iPadOS 17, it seems to be making a comeback.

Spotted first by Filipe Espósito from 9to5Mac, one of the new wallpapers available in the iPadOS 17 beta is a modernized version of the wallpaper used on the original iPad from way back in 2010 — showing a mountain range sitting across a pristine-looking lake. The new wallpaper has a handful of animated shooting stars that streak across the sky, but other than that, the two are nearly identical.

To get the wallpaper on iPadOS 17, open the Settings app, tap Wallpaper, tap Add New Wallpaper, scroll down to the Collections section, and you should see it there.

This is a nice nod to the iPad’s history, especially since the original wallpaper has been unavailable on iPads for several years at this point. While the reference may go over some iPadOS 17 users’ heads, it’s always fun to see small Easter eggs like this be included in major updates for the diehard Apple fans. Apple tends to periodically make small references to its past with new major software updates, but it’s been a while since the iPad’s history has been recognized officially like this.

While the revamped version of the wallpaper is certainly an exciting addition for iPadOS 17, there are plenty of other major changes coming with the operating system that fans are excited about. Some of yesterday’s biggest announcements for iPadOS 17 are the inclusion of lock screen widgets, a highly requested feature that debuted in the Apple ecosystem with iOS 16, and the addition of Apple’s first-party Health app to the iPad.

Those wanting to reminisce using the revamped iPad wallpaper will need to join the iPadOS 17 beta, which is available now. Otherwise, iPad owners will need to wait for the software to officially launch later this year in the fall. There’s currently no specific date for when we should expect the software update. However, given Apple’s history of updates, it’s a safe bet to expect it to come sometime in September.

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