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iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S listings point to specs, imminent release

Take the following information with the appropriate level of skepticism, but do so knowing that all answers will be provided on Tuesday when Apple stages a media event at which an iPhone-related announcement is expected. Placeholder product listings for an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S have been discovered on the i-wireless pre-paid service website (via TUAW).

The listings, which are now gone, share a few details about each phone’s tech specs. The iPhone 5 will apparently feature an 8MP camera, a 4-inch screen and “4G data speeds,” which lines up with some of the rumors that have been rattling around. Same goes for the 4S, which will come packing an A5 processor, a 3.5-inch screen and a 5MP camera if the information contained in the product listing is accurate.

All will be made clear on Tuesday, October 4. The reigning theory right now is that Apple will announce both phones, with a release date coming on or around October 14. These listings may or may not have been accurate, but their existence certainly seems to support that theory.

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