Sorry guys, this isn’t the iPhone 6 — China Telecom leak is a concept design

iphone 6 chinese telecom leak is a fake concept design china
On August 22, the Internet went wild when China Telecom posted what appeared to be leaked images of the iPhone 6 on Sina Weibo. Dozens of news outlets reported on the leak and many even hinted that it could be the real thing. What no one seemed to realize was that we’ve all seen the leaked image before.

That picture China Telecom tried to pass off as the iPhone 6? Yeah, it’s a concept design. Back on July 16, designers Tomas Moyano and Nicolàs Aichino from Yanko Design pieced together all the latest iPhone 6 rumors and leaks to make a series of concept images.

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iPhone 6 concept design China Telecom

The image on the left in the above composite shows the China Telecom Weibo post, while the image on the right is the concept design from Moyano and Aichino. The two images are identical down to the tagline “Even Better.” Although the concept design is very convincing and adheres to the rumors and leaked images we’ve seen so far, it isn’t the real deal.

Yanko Design issues many concept designs for upcoming technology, including another intriguing one of the iWatch from Moyano. As always, it’s important to take leaked images of any highly anticipated smartphone with a grain of salt, but this is doubly true when it comes to the iPhone. Recently, several news outlets fell into the same trap when TMZ released pictures of what it believed to be the iPhone 6, but was really just an iPhone 6 clone running a customized version of Android.

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