How big is the iPhone 6 Plus? These photos give a good size comparison

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are undoubtedly bigger than your average iPhone, but just how big are they really? We took it upon ourselves to compare the two new iPhones to other well-known smartphones and everyday objects to give you an idea of their size.

In our comparison photos, we used cardboard iPhone 6 and 6 Plus mockups from a case manufacturer that recently sent us some iPhone cases. The mockups are the exact size of the real iPhone 6 models. We then added out 4-inch iPhone 5 to the mix to add some perspective.

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We compared the new iPhones to the Samsung Galaxy S series, the LG G2, a few 7-inch tablets, the One Plus One, and other smartphones. We also put the iPhone 6 models next to a banana, water bottle, soda can, pen, toy truck, and other everyday objects, as you can see in the slideshow above. We’ve added a few more objects recently.

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