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Report: Wireless charging could be standard on Apple’s next iPhone

The next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 8, may come equipped with wireless charging as a base feature. While not confirmed in any official capacity, Foxconn, an Apple manufacturing partner, is said to be testing wireless charging modules designed for the planned 2017 release of the smartphone.

Although several phones have been capable of wireless charging in the past, that’s typically only possible with an external case designed with it in mind. However, if Foxconn’s wireless charging module does end up in the next-gen iPhone, no special case will be necessary — it will be capable of it right out of the box.

While Nikkei reports that Foxconn is definitely testing the iPhone-intended module, what isn’t known at this time is whether it will be a stock feature of all iPhones, or something included in only high-end, or special versions of the handset.

Part of that decision may be down to the kinds of yields Foxconn is able to produce. If it can output a large number of the modules, Apple may include it in the base iPhone, but if smaller quantities are created, it may be restricted to specific versions of the handset.

Apple hasn’t made any official statement about wireless charging, but it is expected to pull out the stops with its next version. 2016’s iPhone 7 release saw the first noticeable decline in its sales since the original iPhone, so kickstarting interest in the brand again with new features is an important step to take. 2017 will also mark the the 10th anniversary of the iPhone’s debut, so it holds some significance for Apple fans.

Other speculative features that Apple may include with its next-generation handset include a new glass back built into a metal frame for the phone’s body; a new, curved, OLED display for the flagship 5.5 inch model; an underscreen light sensor with reduced bezel size, and no home button.

With the iPhone 7 not really impressing the fans, what would you like to see Apple include in its next-generation device?

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