This iPhone case can make your battery last 60 percent longer

iphone case can make battery life 60 percent longer augmentcharger

Rubix, a start-up based in Hong Kong, has come out with an iPhone case/ power module combo that promises true mobile charging. The company’s Augment mobile charging solution can be assembled like Lego pieces, and has a geometric design that looks like rubber tiles on the floor of a kindergarten classroom. 

Spotted by 9to5Mac, Augment’s charging solution consists of a modular case made of thermoplastic polyurethane (the same material used for inflatable rafts), a 1,200mAh power module, and a Micro USB charging cable. The case and the power module snaps together and can boost battery life by 60 percent. The power module is said to be small enough to fit in a coin pocket and can be used even without the battery case. It also has an LED indicator on the side to tell you how much power is left. Once you’ve ran out of juice, the power module can be charged by connecting to a computer’s USB port with the Micro USB cable.   

If you feel like this is something you need in your life, you’ll have to wait a bit. Rubix is currently in the middle of a fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter, and the cases are scheduled to go out to backers around August. 

The charging solution is only compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5S. Rubix, which has already received approval for its Made for iPhone product plan, is also expected to come out with something for the iPhone 6 once the model comes out. 

If you want to see the charging solution in action, you can check out Rubix’s demo video below.