You can now attach a fidget spinner to your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

What do you get when you combine Apple’s latest iPhone and one of the hottest trends of 2017?  A phone case complete with a handy-dandy fidget spinner.

Olixar released a lightweight and durable case for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that also includes a fidget spinner. The black-and-white pattern looks similar to any traditional iPhone case on the market, leaving room in the middle for the detachable toy.

Coming in after an already-existing line of fidget toys such as the Fidget Cube and Think Ink, the fidget spinner is yet another potential cure to the (at times) easily distracted human mind.

Made up of lightweight plastic or metal, simply hold the center pad, flick the three prongs, and watch it spin. That’s all there is to the spinner. Even though there are far more intricate and expensive gadgets on the scene to play with, large chain stores like Toys R Us and Walmart are struggling to keep enough fidget spinners on the shelves.

The toy is the most recent craze throughout the country and like the name suggests, is meant to help those who tend to be “fidgety.” It’s also marketed as a tool to help with Autism, ADHD, and anxiety, in children particularly.

While it’s yet to be scientifically proven whether the device helps increase productivity, research does suggest that our habit to multitask is causing our attention spans to decrease, Live Science reports. Fidgeting devices like the fidget spinner may be a small step in the right direction towards maintaining focus.

Olixar has taken the typical everyday adult struggles of constantly being on our smartphones and combined them with a kid’s toy. Whether it’s waiting for your battery to power back up again or attempting to sit still when reading long emails, the fidget spinner is readily available on the back to provide support in times of need (especially to those who send risky texts).

While the case is suitable to hold and carry, the spinner definitely rules out being able to slip the phone into your pocket unless you leave the gadget at home or pack them separately. But for $26, it may be worth it for those trying to keep calm and trendy. After all, isn’t that what adulting is all about?

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