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iPhone SE 3 rumor teases MagSafe support with bigger battery

In what can be classified as a wild last-minute rumor, Apple just might deliver a major surprise in the form of support for MagSafe charging on the iPhone SE 3. According to a report from Korean blog Naver that cites supply chain sources from Taiwan, the MagSafe charging system is making its way to the 2022 iPhone SE refresh alongside a notable upgrade for the battery life figures.

The magnet-supported wireless charging system first arrived on the scene with the iPhone 12 quartet in 2020 and is rumored to be on the design table for future iPads as well. However, Apple has been offering wireless charging support ever since the iPhone 8, which also serves as the foundation template for the iPhone SE from 2020, and reportedly its successor as well.

In addition to MagSafe support, the report also mentions significant improvements to the battery life for the third-generation iPhone SE. The 1,821mAH battery inside the 2020 iPhone SE was one of its weakest points, as the phone struggled to last a full day with even moderate usage. Pushing its A13 Bionic processor with demanding games emptied the tank even quicker.

An iPhone SE concept with MagSafe.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

To address this shortcoming, battery capacity is reportedly going up, which is definitely great news for folks eager to splurge on the iPhone SE 3. Apple also focused on battery life with the iPhone 13 series, so it’s a smart move for the company to bring this quality of life feature to its lower-priced model as well. The latest rumor also touts Ceramic Shield protection for Apple’s budget offering. For the unaware, Ceramic Shield is the protective glass coating that Apple started using with the iPhone 12 series. Said to offer four times better drop protection than older iPhones, Ceramic Shied on the iPhone SE would be a sweet perk.

Finally, the report also reiterates the rumored $399 asking price. The in-house A15 Bionic chip is said to keep things in motion under the hood, while the screen will likely be a 4.7-inch LCD panel. It is unclear if Apple has fresh coats of paint planned for the iPhone SE 3. However, do keep in mind that these are just rumors at best and sound too good to be true for a phone carrying that price tag. Needless to say, process it all with a generous dose of skepticism.

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We made iMessage for Android...
The Washington Post tried an early version of the Nothing Chats app and notes that the blue bubble system works just fine. Texts between an Android device and an iPhone are neatly arranged in a thread, and multimedia exchange is also allowed at full quality. 
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