iPhone Update Good And Bad

The iPhone update that Apple’s released might help with some problems – it lets users turn off the EDGE connection that has the device regularly searching for e-mails, no matter where in the world you are, for instance.   But other users aren’t quite so happy. Those who’d managed to add third-party applications have said that the update has reinstalled the installation locks and many of the third-party applications have been removed from the phone (others says they’re just hidden from the interface).   In a report on Vnunet, those who’ve hacked the phone to work on networks other than AT&T, the official iPhone network, have found that installing the update cause unrepairable errors. In some cases it brings an invalid SIM card error message, leaving users stuck on the error screen or reverse the update. Putting in the original SIM card doesn’t resolve the problem. From iPhone to iBrick, although Apple had issued warnings prior to releasing the update.   So what goods things does it do? iPhone users can now connect directly and buy music on their phones from the iTunes Wi-Fi store. The update also offers to ten different security holes, seven of which were in the Safari browser.