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Torture tests push Apple’s iPhone X to the limit, but is it tough enough for you?

Oh boy, how some folks love to drop, whack, burn, bend, and even freeze a new gadget when it hits the market.

Under the guise of testing durability, though more often than not simply having fun smashing stuff up, creatively made torture test videos for Apple’s just-launched flagship iPhone X are beginning to land on YouTube.

First up (above), we have experienced phone destroyer JerryRigEverything. Conceived by YouTuber Zack Nelson, his videos feature an entertaining blend of brutal handset testing and a delightful deadpan delivery that is likely to raise a smile.

The scratch tests are suitably harsh for a video of this nature, with Nelson doing his utmost to engrave permanent marks onto the display of the $999 iPhone X. After much effort, he finally succeeds, commenting that the display offers pretty much the same scratch resistance of other high-end smartphones.

The good news, however, is that the screen “is not going to be scratched by your normal keys or coins.” Nelson noted that unlike previous iPhones, the iPhone X offers no home button to scratch test as the device now uses face recognition to unlock it, “and I’m not going to scratch test a face to see if it still works.”

Next, the tester takes a box cutter to the phone’s metal earpiece grill, tearing across seemingly with great enthusiasm. While slightly damaged, the grill manages to hold its shape and remain in place, though we’d still suggest that you don’t try this at home.

Nelson’s video also features burn and bend tests, with the iPhone handling the latter better than the former.

Knife and hammer

Next up is TechRax. Yes, this is the guy who tested the iPhone 6S out by placing it into a pan of boiling, melted crayons. The wacky experiment resulted in the pan catching fire, though happily, his home didn’t burn down.

For the iPhone X, TechRax leaves the burning crayons to one side and instead opts for a knife. Stabbing the back of the iPhone repeatedly in this somewhat unscientific test, TechRax is impressed to see the glass holding its own, noting that with previous iPhones it’d shatter pretty quickly using the same method.

Clearly intent on inflicting some serious damage to the phone, the tester then picks up a three-pound hammer and whacks it repeatedly on the iPhone’s display. The first two blows see the device remain intact, but the third results in a nasty spider crack at the very bottom of the display. Continuous blows and, well, it gets really ugly.

Freezing test

Finally, we have a less common “freeze test” from EverythingApplePro, presumably for folks who in the past have accidentally left their phone in a bowl of water before inadvertently placing it in a freezer. After leaving it to freeze overnight, we’re left with an iPhone X encased in a solid block of ice, which of course means it has to be dropped from a high place so we can see if it still works. Impressively, it did. Yes, this is despite the iPhone X having an IP67 rating (good for submersion in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes), as well as being frozen and dropped, the device continued to function.

While the tests are all good fun, they can also tell us something about the quality of the materials and construction. But for peace of mind, we really suggest you buy a decent case to protect your pricey iPhone X. And don’t hit it with a hammer.

For all you @Apple fan boys and girls, are you worried about the iPhone X's durability?

— Digital Trends (@DigitalTrends) November 8, 2017

Update: Added a poll. 

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