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iPhones still can’t handle daylight savings time

Once again, the iPhone just can’t quite seem to get on board with daylight savings time shift. This year, the iOS device decided to fall back instead of spring forward, throwing users into a state of time warp on Sunday morning that threw them off two hours.

Apple has consistently had issues with time changes when it comes to the iPhone. New Year’s Day 2011 completely cut off alarm services, and in November the phones had similar troubles making the daylight savings jump. And as per usual, there’s been no comment from Cupertino.

Americans haven’t been the only ones affected by the time change conundrum. Australian and New Zealanders’ alarms went off an hours early in September during their own clock switch. At the time, Apple admitted it was aware of the problem and working to fix it.

Twitter was ablaze with complaints about the iPhone’s faulty alarm, but also provided a quick fix: Turning your iPhone off and then on again should alleviate the issue, or temporarily switching to Airplane Mode and back can help.

But come November, iPhone users would be wise to have an alarm backup – just in case.

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