Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge sells for $91,000, thanks to color and serial number

iron man edition galaxy s6 edge auctions for more than 91000 in china

The demand for the Iron Man limited edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is getting out of hand. First there was the eBay auction about two weeks ago that had a winning bid of $35,600. Now there’s word of an auction in China that saw one of the Iron Man editions of the Galaxy S6 Edge sell for more than $91,000.

The online auction for the Iron Man limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge in question happened on, China’s second largest e-commerce retailer, according to Android Authority. A total of 92,429 bids thrust the price of the smartphone up to 568,788 yuan, which converts to about $91,638 today. The actual price of the special edition phone is $1,079.

“The popularity of the phone in China was actually predicted, in light of the red on the front and back of the device,” according to BusinessKorea. The publication adds that in China, the number 6 symbolizes good luck. The Iron Man limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge that was sold on had the serial number 66, which signals a double portion of good luck for whoever owns the phone.

The Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge has the same spec sheet as the regular S6 Edge, though it has a unique color scheme and theme. The packaging offers a nifty unboxing experience, and the wireless charger looks like the superhero’s Arc Reactor.

Samsung released the special edition phone only in South Korea, China, and Hong Kong. Marques Brownlee, Jonathan Morrison, and Unbox Therapy just gave away three Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones.