Is this Motorola’s first Intel Medfield-powered phone?

Motorola Intel MedfieldIntel’s push into the world of mobile device processors appears to be moving forward, as a new image has been leaked of what’s believed to be Motorola’s first smartphone to use Intel’s Medfield system-on-a-chip.

A prototype phone using the Atom-based chip was revealed late last year, and although LG was rumored to be producing a device for Intel, it was Lenovo and Motorola who announced at CES 2012 they would be making use of the Medfield.

Lenovo’s K800 made a brief appearance at the show, but Motorola’s first efforts were nowhere to be seen. This could all change at Mobile World Congress though, as the phone you see here could take center stage.

The currently unnamed phone has been leaked to, along with some potential features, including the use of Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich. This makes it a big deal for Motorola, as not only would it introduce Intel power to the brand, but also be the first standard implementation of Android 4.0.

As with previous Motorola phones using Android, the Motoblur user interface will be added, but in a brand-new form. The leaked picture shows the UI looking considerably less busy than previous versions, and also illustrates the use of on-screen buttons rather than hardware keys.

According to the source, the handset will be promoted as a top-end cameraphone, complete with a Windows Phone-like instant-on feature and a 15 frame burst option.

Motorola will be at Mobile World Congress, but at the time of writing the company doesn’t seem to have announced any kind of press conference, however we’d expect plenty of noise about this exciting phone once the show begins.