Is this real life? This Web site lets you stream live TV to your mobile device for free

Live TV Stream

Live streaming services cost a lot, and you need a good Internet connection to even make it worth the investment. 9to5Forums has uncovered a website that will allow you to watch live television from most major cable networks for free on any device, be it iOS or Android.

The current list offers channels from both the United States and European networks, and even tells you the programming currently playing on the channel. In the U.S. list, you can access basic channels like NBC and ABC, and it’s got local news from the east and west coasts. The main list even has a questionable “XXX” channel that we’re not gonna try to find out about, but you can sample it at your own discretion.

We tested it out with a Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and an iPhone 4S and both were not able to access many channels, if at all. This is probably due to heightened traffic and possible lawyers cracking down on shutting the videos out. The one that does work, however, streams rather well and runs quite smoothly. If you have any luck with more channels, power to you!

Even though we’re not naming the site specifically, it’s still unclear how long the site will be around given its powers and many copyright-breaking ways. Just don’t get too excited and cancel your cable subscription yet, and enjoy while it lasts.