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ITunes 10.1 upgrade is here, still waiting on iOS 4.2

iTunes 10ITunes 10.1 is officially available, featuring its streaming AirPlay tool. Now users can send video to Apple TV, and of course, any old bugs or glitches you’ve had with iTunes have been (purportedly) eliminated.

The newest iTunes release precedes Apple’s mobile OS upgrade. It was predicted iOS 4.2 could be available today, but a reported issue with the iPad‘s Wi-Fi is putting the launch off. At any rate, iTunes 10.1 is a necessary download for anyone wishing to sync devices up once the new OS is installed. Once iOS 4.2 is up and running, however, the AirPlay feature will allow you to stream audio and video from the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

So if you’re experience any sort of anxiety waiting for iOS 4.2, just think of the iTunes update as good prep work.

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