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What’s that, boy? You want a smart collar that really understands you? How about this one

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We’re all attuned to the behavior of our pets, so we generally have a good idea when something isn’t right, or when there’s a need for something more. Usually food or play. However, our pet-sense is no use when we’re not around, either at work, or on vacation while our pet is having a little break away from home, too. The Jagger and Lewis Smart Dog Collar, a new product launched on Kickstarter, is designed to bridge that gap, by understanding your dog’s behavior, actions, and mood.

Cleverly, the Jagger & Lewis is a small device that attaches to your dog’s current collar, so there’s no need to swap it for one you may not like, or to avoid buying another collar in the future because you would not be able to use the tracking unit. It’s light at 30 grams, water resistant with an IP67 rating, and suitable for all dogs, almost regardless of size. Inside, the unit has an accelerometer, a magnetometer, and a gyroscope, plus a microphone, and temperature and brightness sensors.

Clipped to your dog’s collar, it will analyze hunger levels, thirst, sleep, activity, and stress levels, right down to if he’s a naughty boy and steals something to eat when you’re not around, how much he’s drinking, or if there’s excessive scratching, or even gasping for breath. Used over time, the data from the Jagger & Lewis will alert you to any changes in behavior, and the accompanying app will make recommendations on how to deal with them.

The team has worked with vet and dog behaviorist Claude Béata on the algorithm and other aspects of the app. It provides advice on how to solve any little problems, such as anxiety when you’re away, tracking information on barking or panting, and ways to share data with your vet. The Jagger & Lewis uses its own data library, too, covering many different breeds. Beyond the Standard mode, the app has an Away mode for when you’re out and about, a Guest mode for when the dog is with a sitter or a friend, plus a Challenge mode full of fun things to do.

Jagger & Lewis’s Kickstarter campaign has a target of $50,000, and depending on when you back it, the cost of the device ranges from $120 to $150, with deals available if you buy more than one. Happily, it’s a one-off charge, with no monthly subscription for the app and its service. Provided the campaign gets funded, the target for the device to ship is May.

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