Japanese upstart ready to challenge Google Glass with Telepathy One


Google Glass has the interest of much of the tech world, but currently has limited availability for people who want to get their hands on them. For those who can’t wait to be able to wear some technology on their head, a Japanese startup may have an alternative to the search engine giant’s creation. Entrepreneur Takahito Iguchi showed off Telepathy One, the wearable tech solution that his team created, last night in New York. 

Telepathy One has a unique design that is decidedly more sci-fi than the Google Glass display. An optically projected screen will appear in front of the eyes of the device wearer. Displayed on the tiny projector is media from a cell phone via an app. It has the capability to stream video and photos from the phone or capture media from the device and send it back to the phone. That is the emphasis of Telepathy One, it’s capability to share between the wearer and the user of the phone app. This gives it a more focused goal than Google Glass for the time being.

A popular camera app in Japan, Manga Camera, was ready to run on the demo device. The app created cartoon version of people in the picture. When one took a photo with the phone app, the manga-fied version of the photo would appear on the projection screen of Telepathy One. This appears to be the type of functionality the device will aim to provide when it launches near Christmas of this year. No price or other details are really known at this point.

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