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T-Mobile CEO says he backed Project Fi because ‘disruption is what it does’

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Talks Project Fi

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile
Google is trying it’s hand at mobile networks with Project Fi, and one of the main players backing it is T-Mobile, so it’s no surprise to hear outspoken CEO John Legere has plenty to say on the subject. “Disruption is what the Uncarrier does,” wrote Legere in an introductory article about the partnership. “The carriers have dug in their heels and held US wireless back for too long. This industry needs all the fresh blood and fresh thinking it can get.”

Google and T-Mobile have worked together before, when the pair launched the now legendary G1 back in 2008. Legere sees Project Fi as potentially having the same degree of impact. “Project Fi is going to make people think differently about wireless—and I love that. Anything that shakes up the industry status quo is a good thing—for both US wireless customers and T-Mobile.”

It should come as little surprise that T-Mobile has decided to involve itself in a project to provide affordable mobile plans to more people. Legere has been the driving force in T-Mobile‘s own aggressive strategies to shake up the industry. While Project Fi will give users the opportunity to switch between Sprint and T-Mobile networks to insure they are always getting the fastest connection, the benefit for T-Mobile is clear: it gets more users on their network.

“Not only is this a great opportunity to put the T-Mobile network into the hands of even more Americans who spend their days and nights Periscoping, YouTubing, tweeting and streaming, the brand association is a strong one,” Legere wrote. “It’s been fantastic to pull together some of the biggest brains in tech to drive innovation that could directly benefit tomorrow’s American wireless customers.

There are still reasons to go with T-Mobile rather than Project Fi, and Google’s network doesn’t offer HD Voice or Wi-Fi calling, both of which are available through T-Mobile‘s standard service. However, these could be introduced in the future. Additionally, Project Fi is currently invitation-only, and T-Mobile will be only too happy to connect up those who can’t wait.

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