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Jon Stewart on the liberation of the iPhone, forever known as ‘VZ Day’


Jon Stewart is happy about the iPhone coming to Verizon…really happy. In this clip from The Daily Show, he screams “freedom!” and spends a good seven minutes explaining how bad AT&T is and comparing the move to Verizon with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The clip only gets better as it hums along, with a shot from correspondent John Oliver at the Verizon press conference.

However, if the Verizon iPhone is like a liberated Iraq, does this mean we’re going to have problems with it for years to come?

It’s nice to see somebody excited about the move, as Verizon’s press conference was a bit anticlimactic.  For those wondering about the impact of the move to Verizon, check out the four major articles we ran on different aspects of the topic yesterday.

Done reading? Here’s the clip.