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Google Fit wants to help you remember your New Year’s resolutions

January 1 is of course the day when many of us embark with great enthusiasm on a fitness-focused New Year’s resolution. But sadly, usually within just a few weeks, that well-intentioned plan is already a distant memory, the strict get-fit regime having been quietly abandoned through lack of motivation. And replaced with pizza.

If that sounds like you, perhaps this latest effort by Google will give you a decent chance of maintaining your activity levels as you try to work off those extra folds you seem to have developed over the holiday season.

It’s called the Google Fit 30-Day Challenge, and, as its name suggests, works with the Google Fit app for Android and Wear OS-powered smartwatches.

Google’s Stacey Burr said you can hit the app now to sign up to the monthly challenge, which is designed to help you “kick-start your journey to a healthier, more active life.” Sounds good, eh?

Sign up today and you’ll receive a reminder on January 1 telling you the challenge has begun, because, well, you might “accidentally” forget about it otherwise.

The goal is to reach 150 “Heart Points” per week, a figure that meets the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization’s physical activity recommendations that have been demonstrated to reduce the risk of heart disease, as well as improve sleep quality and increase overall mental well-being.

Any kind of moderate activity — like a brisk walk — will get you a single Heart Point for each minute you’re doing it, while something more intense, such as running, will bag you double points, all of which are automatically recorded by the Google Fit app.

Burr offers some helpful tips on how you can build up your Heart Points without even thinking about it:

– Want to involve the whole family? Go sledding with your kids and earn double Heart Points.

– Skip the snowblower and grab a shovel. Extra points if you do your neighbor’s yard, too.

– You’ll probably make a hot cocoa run at some point. Park at the farther end of the lot and squeeze in a brisk walk.

– If you find yourself on the mountain this winter, skiing and snowboarding are all intense activities that can earn you double Heart Points.

– If the hot cocoa didn’t warm you up, catch a spin class and earn a Heart Point for every minute you’re on the bike.

If all of that hasn’t left you feeling the need for a long lie down, then what are you waiting for? There’s surely no better time than right now to sign up for the Google Fit 30-Day Challenge. Good luck!

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