This Kickstarter project for an iPhone 6 Plus case parodies #BendGate perfectly

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In case the iPhone 6 Plus’ malleable exterior hadn’t been the subject of enough unwarranted lampooning, a new parody Kickstarter campaign nails the absurdity of the #BendGate hysteria perfectly. The creator of Bendifone, an accessory for the iPhone 6 Plus, claims to have created a flexible protective case that “bends with your iPhone.”

Project founder Amberlee Donahue of Marietta, Georgia asks, “Ever forget to remove your iPhone 6 Plus from your pocket before sitting down?” Bendifone, she asserts, is the best solution on the market. Crafted from “patent pending” material  — an “additive based (sic) plastic” — that contorts and shifts at will, Donahue promises the case will “give way” when needed. “Whether you sit down too fast or your pants are too tight, Bendifone will seamlessly bend with your iPhone,” she writes.

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Other selling points include resistance to “butter, orange juice, and chocolate cake,” as well as virtual indestructibility. Backers, depending on the tier at which they pledge, are eligible for fantastic benefits like “INSTANT KARMA” and a chauvinistic case design featuring something “so cool and so so [sic] manly.”

The campaign is hardly the first to poke fun at a manufacturing defect experienced by, according to Apple, an infinitesimally low number of people. YouTube stars and competitors alike have skewered the iPhone 6 Plus on social media, while others have gone so far as to demonstrate its purported weakness by illicitly damaging Apple Store inventory.

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#BendGate is largely a non-issue, as Apple Support staff at the Genius bar are authorized to provide a replacement iPhone, depending on the severity of the bend. But for iPhone 6 Plus owners who are truly worried about accidentally deforming their smartphone, manufacturer Gresso makes titanium cases out of pure titanium that retail for $2,000 a pop (18-carat gold or white gold cost an additional $1,000).

Bendifone sounds downright reasonably priced by comparison.

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