Kiwi skydiver builds website during jump (yes, it’s a marketing stunt)

kiwi developer builds website during skydive skydiving web designer 1

For many app developers these days, designing the software is actually the easy part. The greatest challenge lies in getting it noticed, for no matter how good it might be, poor marketing will leave it languishing forever on the servers of a data center in some faraway land, never bothered, never downloaded, and certainly never finding its way onto any Top 10 chart.

Faced with this reality, Kiwi buddies Chris Hirst and Leo Zhao thought long and hard about how to promote their recently launched software, Designbymobile, which lets users build websites using mobile devices as well as desktops.

Eventually they came up with something.

“To show people how easy it is to use, we thought we’d jump out of a plane and create and publish a webpage on the way down,” said Designbymobile founder Hirst.

That’s right, Hirst has apparently become the first person ever to build and publish a website during an 8,000-feet skydive. The promo video (below) shows him performing a couple of taps and swipes on his tablet as he floats towards the ground, publishing the page here before touchdown.

skydiving web designer 2
Job done!

“Actually we jumped twice just to prove how crazy we are,” Hirst explains on the Designbymobile website. “The first time we took loads of footage and then used that footage to create a webpage on the second jump.”

He added, “The webpage includes a video, images, text, links and a slide show. We even had time to add in a thank you to the operator of the parachute, Sam – without him we would have just been a big ugly mess in the ground.”

So if you need to build a website in a hurry, or get the urge to do a spot of web design during a skydive, Hirst and Zhao’s software might be worth a look.

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