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iPad, phone, charger, bring it on: The Knomad has a spot for everything you own

If your gadgets come with you everywhere you go, you’re probably sick of lugging around giant, ugly, black laptop bags. When you just want to grab a small bag, shove all your tech into it, and go out into the world in style, Knomo’s Knomad iPad Mini case has got you covered. We tested out the iPad Mini case and loved it.

Knomo is a London-based company, whose name means “Knowledge and Mobile.” The company is know for its practical and stylish approach to carrying all your devices. The Knomad is its latest series of cases, designed for mobile professionals who do plenty of globetrotting, commuting, and jetting off with their tablet, smartphone, and various cords in hand. The Knomad is available for the iPad Air, 12-inch tablets like the Microsoft Surface, and 8-inch tablets like the iPad Mini.

it has a compartment for an iPad Mini, phone, battery pack, USB drive, charging cord, headphones, SD card, and more.

The Knomad has a place for everything and we mean everything. Like all iPad Mini cases, it has a compartment for the small tablet, but the Knomad also has a space for a smartphone, a flat external battery pack, USB stick, charger cord, headphones, SD card, and other techy things. The case can also hold your passport, credit cards, business cards, and pen. The pockets and compartments are placed in a logical order, so all your gadgets are lumped together and the more personal stuff like credit cards and USB drives fit in another section.

Once you’ve stuffed all that into your Knomad case, it gets bulkier, but not too much. Unless you’ve got a really chunky case on your smartphone or a thick tablet, the case should still close easily and maintain its portfolio shape. The only thing that’s really missing from the Knomad is a detachable strap, so you can sling it over your shoulder like a proper bag. Right now, you can only carry the case like you would a clutch or portfolio. Either that, or stuff it into your messenger or tote bag.

Knomo makes its cases out of high-end materials, so the canvas feels soft yet durable. It also has a leather accent along the bottom edge and smart-looking snaps on the front. The interior offers a nice splash of color that contrasts nicely with the outside. The Knomad comes in olive green with a bright orange lining, navy blue with an army green lining, black with an orange lining, and brown with a green lining.

Each case has its own unique MyKnomo ID, which you can register online. That way, if you lose the case and everything inside it, whoever finds it can contact Knomo, give the ID, and the company will return your case to you. Of course, this cool feature only works if the person who finds your case is a good samaritan.

Knomo will also offer a version of the Knomad Mini with a external battery pack included. In addition to the canvas Knomad cases, Knomo will offer premium leather ones later this fall. The canvas mini case costs $60; the 10-inch version will cost $70 when it arrives in October; and the 13-inch case will cost $80 (it also hits in October). Finally, the leather Knomad Mini case will cost $100 when it comes to stores this holiday season. The mini case with the battery pack will also retail for $100.

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