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The Krimston Two lets you run two SIM cards on one iPhone … at the same time

Upcoming: Krimston TWO - Dual SIM case for iPhone
For the smartphone that does everything, you need a case that does even more. Such as turn your one iPhone into two. Meet the Krimston Two, described as “a 1 phone solution to a 2 SIM card problem.” This clever little device lets your iPhone (6 or 6s only, please) accommodate an additional line, which means you can have simultaneous SIMs active at basically the same time.

The perfect solution for globetrotting smartphone users who constantly find themselves switching out their SIM cards based on their geography, the Two is heralded as the very first iPhone case that will not only allow for multiple active SIMs, but will also act as an Internet hotspot, and will provide extra power thanks to its built-in battery pack.

“This product is ideal for iPhone owners and travelers across the globe,” said Krimston CEO Fouad Fattal. “We are eliminating the hassles associated with carrying a phone for work, a phone for travel, a phone for data, and another for leisure.”

The real value behind the Two is its expansive functionality. Thanks to its companion app, you’ll be able to access all the info from your primary SIM (including phone calls and text), even while your backup is running. The Two will also monitor your Internet activity and adjust the Wi-Fi signal as needed, which means that you’ll never be aimlessly draining your battery.

In order to bring this concept to fruition, Krimston has launched its flagship product on Kickstarter. Already, 223 backers have brought the Krimston team nearly a third of the way to its $100,000 goal, with 22 days still to go in the campaign.

So if you’re looking to become an early adopter of the Krimston Two, you can currently pre-order one of these handy cases for $99. With a promised delivery date of July, this version of the Two will be the first to hit the market, and users are encouraged to give Krimston their feedback. The rest of the iPhone cases will be delivered in August, and the device will hit the mainstream market in November, with an expected retail price of $199.

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