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Extend your phone’s battery life and storage capacity with the KuPower

When it comes to our smartphones’ insufficiencies, it seems that the two most common complaints revolve around battery life and storage. But now, there’s a device that makes up for all this inefficiency — all in one very efficient package. Kill two birds with one stone by way of KuPower, the portable battery pack that also expands the storage of your iPhone.

Brought to you by Kuner, the same folks who created the slim, lightweight Kuke battery case, the design of KuPower closely follows that of the company’s previous products. Sleek and silver (it’s made of aluminum alloy and just 9mm thick), the KuPower not only recharges your phone, but also diagnoses the health of your phone’s battery. This, the Kuner team says, can help you better understand how you’re using your battery, and how to prolong its life. “With the battery diagnosis results,” the team says, you’ll be able to “develop healthy charging solutions to ease the decay rate of the iPhone battery.”

Moreover, given that lack of storage often attributes to a weak battery, the KuPower also provides you with additional storage, serving as an external hard drive of sorts for your smartphone while it’s charging. That means that you could use your KuPower-connected phone to stream Netflix, all without using the iPhone’s battery or storage capacity.

Already over 100 backers have raised more than $9,000 for the KuPower, and the team has 15 days left to reach its $10,000 goal. Kuner is currently offering its dual charging and storage pack for $39 to early bird buyers — you’ll get both the KuPower and a 16GB MicroSD card. If you’re looking for even more storage, you could shell out another $10 for a 32GB card.

Ultimately, the Kuner team notes, having a product like the KuPower may help you put off getting a new phone by extending the lifespan of your current, trusty device. Estimated delivery is currently set for July of this year.

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