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Kuo: Apple will release a mini-LED iPad and MacBook Pro next year

Apple may be planning to release four to six products over the next few years with mini-LED displays, according to respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The products will likely include a high-end 12.9-inch iPad Pro with an A14X chip during the third quarter of next year, and a 16-inch MacBook Pro in the fourth quarter of 2020, MacRumors reports.

According to Kuo, the mini-LED displays will “significantly improve productivity and the entertainment experience” in the devices. Kuo’s recent mini-LED statement adds to a similar statement made by the analyst in September.

In previous discussions, Kuo has noted that the displays will allow products to be thinner and lighter while offering things like high contrast and dynamic range and a wide color gamut performance. Essentially, you’re going to be able to get a much better-looking display in a much smaller package.

The move to mini-LED would also allow Apple to further decrease its reliance on Samsung for parts. Kuo has said that he thinks the mini-LEDs for the devices are likely to be made by LG rather than Samsung. Epistar, Zhen Ding, Radiant Opto-Electronics, Nichia, Avary Holding, and TSMT may also contribute to the products.

Kuo has said that the displays will contain around 10,000 LEDs, and will offer similar quality to an OLED display while avoiding the burn-in issues that can affect OLED displays.

That technology is expensive. For now, we’re likely to only see mini-LEDs used in Apple’s high-end products rather than its entry-level devices. That’s to say that if you have your sights set on getting one of the devices when they launch, you should be prepared to pay a premium price for it. You’re also likely to only find these in things like the top-of-the-line iPad and MacBook Pro rather than in the MacBook Air or any other entry-level devices.

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