Take business calls in the shower with Kyocera’s washable smartphone

There’s always been one really good excuse for not picking up your phone — You’re taking a shower. Kyocera has found a way to deprive users of that peaceful moment with its new Digno Rafre smartphone, which the company boasts is not only waterproof, but can actually be washed with soap and water.

Having a phone that can handle a thorough bathing has its advantages. While some users clean their screens regularly, most simply throw their phones in their pockets and bags every day without doing a thing. For many of us, our phones are an extension of ourselves. You (hopefully) wash yourself every day, so why shouldn’t your phone get the same treatment?

According to Engadget Japan, the Digno Rafre has an extra waterproof coating especially made to create a “handsoap-washable water resistance.” The phone was designed to minimize water damage, with a self-healing film covering the back and a layer of Asahi’s flexible Dragontrail X glass over the screen. Even the colors —it comes in pink, white, and royal blue— are soap themed.

Kyocera already has a reputation for making durable hardware. Three of its 2015 phones, the Hydro Elite, the Hydro Life, and the Brigadier, made our list of the best water-resistant Android phones. It also showed us a prototype of a solar-powered phone at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona.

According to the report, the phone will be available through Japanese carrier Au, and supports both 4G LTE and WiMAX 2+ networks. At this point, there’s no word as to whether Kyocera will release the phone outside of Japan. Unfortunately, a U.S. launch seems unlikely, given Kyocera’s limited presence stateside.

For now, though, you can check out the phone in action in the ad at the top of the post, which includes step-by-step washing instructions in Japanese.

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