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Want to take a bath … with your phone? You can with the Kyocera Rafre

KYOCERA "rafre" Washable Smartphone
Ah, the shower. One of life’s simplest and yet most satisfying pleasures. If cleaning off after a long day is a renewing experience for you, it stands to reason that other entities in your life would also benefit from a nice rinse. Certainly, your phone would. After all, it goes through everything with you, and probably picks up a disturbing quantity of germs along the way. And now, you can buy a phone that can go everywhere you go — including the bath.

Meet the new Kyocera rafre, a phone that is not only water resistant, but capable of withstanding a serious scrub, complete with hot water and soap. It’s actually the second Kyocera phone to sport such capabilities, though this handset is even more advanced than its predecessor. Kyocera first introduced a washable phone back in December of 2015, but has apparently improved its wash-resistant skills in the last couple years.

Of course, if you’re looking to buy this phone for its actual technical specs, you won’t be too impressed. It’s got a 3,000mAh battery, runs Android 7.0 Nougat, features 2GB RAM, and has a 5-inch HD display. But of course, you’re probably just buying this phone for bragging rights, right?

Alas, the Kyocera Rafre will only be available in Japan when it launches in March, so if you’re an American with a need for a web-surfing bubble-bath companion, you’re going to have to look for something other than a smartphone. That said, if the Rafre proves popular in its home country (and why wouldn’t it?) it may make its way around the globe.

It’s unclear as of yet what pricing will look like, but we do know the phone will be available in pale pink, clear white, and light blue.

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