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Last minute rumor: iPhone 5 won’t have LTE or WiMax, but will have HSPA+

Apple’s official “Let’s talk iPhone” event is only a couple hours away, but the rumor mill is still churning. An hour or so ago, the WSJ reported that the next iPhone will not support Sprint or Verizon’s 4G networks. Despite there being a plethora of Android phones on Verizon’s high-speed LTE network and Sprint’s somewhat speedy WiMax network, the iPhone may not support the technologies. Why? Probably for the same reason it took Apple a year to support 3G: it doesn’t see the technology as stable enough. It will, however, support AT&T’s beefed up 3G network, which runs on a technology called HSPA+.

And that’s all we know so far. The decision to wait a year could hurt its sales on Verizon and Sprint, but will have no impact on Apple’s carrier of choice: AT&T, which hasn’t yet launched its 4G LTE network, but will have it up and running by next year.

Of course, Apple may announce two iPhones today, one of which may have 4G while the other doesn’t. We’ll have more information in a little while.

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