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Leaked Specs Compare HP Slate to Apple’s iPad

Yesterday we saw the release of a video by HP that touted the advantages of the HP Slate over the iPad, but the company has remained tight lipped on the actual specs behind their tablet. But in what appears to be an internal HP document obtained by Engadget, we have our first look at the specs of the HP Slate, warts and all.

There appear to be some significant differences between the Slate and the iPad, the most glaring of which appear to be the battery life and the Wi-Fi connectivity, both heavily favoring the iPad.  The Slate lists a five hour battery life, which is not uncommon for most notebooks, while the iPad features an impressive 10 hours.  The Slate features 802.11 b/g wifi support, compared to the iPad’s support of 802.11 a/b/g/n.  Both features will likely be downplayed by HP, and focused on by Apple.

The Slate does have some noticeable advantages though, including inward and outward facing cameras, Adobe Flash support, and ports for SD and USB devices. The document further suggests that the graphics and display of the Slate are superior to the iPad, but seeing will be believing.

HP also lists the 1.6GHz Intel Atom Menlow processor as an advantage over the iPad’s 1Ghz Apple A4, but Apple has shown repeatedly that their proprietary chips integrate extremely well with their hardware, so until we can see them both in action, this could be a toss up, and might even favor the iPad.

The document listed pricing from $549 for the 32Gb model up to $599 for the 64Gb model.  No word yet on when the HP Slate will be released, but early leaked reports suggest that it will be June before we can truly compare the two tablets.

(Image: Engadget)

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