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LeapBand: A wearable gadget for kids to make them even more active

leapband a wearable gadget for kids to make them even more active

Whenever a new tech category emerges, it’s never too long before related child-friendly products start finding their way into stores. We saw it in the tablet market with the launch of slates like the Toys ‘R’ Us Tabeo, the Archos Child Pad, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 Kids offering.

Youngster-focused tech firm LeapFrog was also quick to act, way back in 2011, with its LeapPad for kids, and now, with wearable tech on the verge of going mainstream, it’s just launched an activity tracker called the LeapBand.leapband-activity-band

Aimed at children aged between four and seven years, the LeapBand encourages kids to be even more active than they already are, the mere thought of which may leave some parents in need of a long lie down.

The wrist-based device, which incorporates a color screen and is also water resistant, presents kids with up to 50 activity-based challenges, with points for progress leading to various rewards.

To get started, your littl’un chooses and customizes a “pet pal” which guides them through various activities while at the same time offering up “fun facts” on health-based subjects such as nutrition. According to LeapFrog, you can also “bathe, feed and groom your pet to earn more points and unlock pet accessories.” Yes, it reminded us of Tamagotchi, too.

Features include audio instructions so pre-readers can easily follow new challenges, and parental controls with various modes such as School Time and Quiet Time. The device’s rechargeable battery can apparently last for up to six days.

The $40 LeapBand comes in three bright colors (blue, green, pink) and launches in early August.

[Source: LeapFrog]

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