Le yea! LeEco’s new phones and TVs are finally on sale in the U.S.

LeEco Le Pro3
Christian de Looper/Digital Trends
LeEco put on quite a show the other week. From smart bicycles to a new smart car, the company certainly had a lot to show off when it detailed just how it would take over North America. Its first real-world offerings, however, are a little more low-key, and they consist of products people are actually in the market to buy: phones and TVs.

Well folks, those phones and TVs are now on sale, and you can snag some for yourself from the LeEco online store, called LeMall. The store is now offering a “flash sale,” which puts many of LeEco’s devices on sale with “instant rebates” of $100 or more, which will go towards “LeRewards” points — or points you can spend on other LeEco products.

“We’re delighted to bring our disruptive approach of delivering great content seamlessly to premium devices that are affordable for all to the U.S.,” sad Richard Ren, president of LeEco North America, in a statement. “We have many notable content partners today — such as Lionsgate Entertainment, MGM, Showtime, Vice Media, Awesomeness TV, A&E Network — and are quickly adding new partners based on user feedback in order to realize our content-first vision.”

Of course, those LeRewards don’t really help you if you only plan on buying one LeEco product — they don’t translate into cash back. Still, even without LeRewards the prices of these devices are pretty great. For example, the LeEco Le Pro 3 is a flagship-quality phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor — and it sells for only $399. That’s far cheaper than other phones with the same specs. Other products include the Le S3, which is a decidedly more midrange device that comes in at only $249, or $149 if the LeRewards mean anything to you. When it comes to TVs, prices range up from $1,399, although you’ll get at least $200 in LeRewards.

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