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Lenovo joins Google this week to make Project Tango announcement

Google Project Tango phone
Google has partnered with Lenovo on Project Tango, and an announcement will be made on January 7, in the middle of CES 2016.

It has been quite a while since we heard about Project Tango, the technology platform capable of scanning a room and creating a 3D image without using GPS. Google is using Tango to offer better indoor navigation, alongside improving augmented reality and virtual 3D worlds.


The last announcement from Google goes all the way back to April 2015, when the company announced a price reduction for the hardware. Since then, we’ve only heard of partnerships with Intel and Qualcomm, making Project Tango’s platform more readily available for third-party manufacturers.

Google’s mobile and tablet prototypes were both launched in 2014. This “special” announcement might be a new prototype or first commercial version, manufactured by Lenovo.

The tagline, “Mobile devices should see and navigate the world, the way we do,” hints at a new hardware announcement. Hopefully it is not another prototype version that is invite only, but an actual commercial device with more than the camera to interest customers.

It might also be the first major partnership for Project Tango. Lenovo might add the technology to its mobile devices, expanding the breadth of testers and offering users a few unique camera features. The subheading does say “shared vision for a new tomorrow,” which sounds like a long-term partnership rather than a one-off announcement. This is all speculation however; we don’t have any insider knowledge as to what Google or Lenovo is planning.

Google has plenty of mobile and wearable projects in the prototype stage, including Google Glass (division renamed Project Aura), Project Ara, and the wireless service Project Fi. Project Ara is especially interesting, since we might see a Project Tango module appear once it is available.

We are at CES 2016 covering all of the news and product announcements, check out our ongoing coverage throughout the week and check back here to see the announcement on January 7.

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