Lenovo wants to make a 23-inch tablet

microsoft surface

Whether it’s truly a marketable product or some sort of record is being broken, Lenovo says it will manufacture a 23-inch tablet. Senior marketing specialist William Cai tells TechRadar that the massive device won’t be designated for the corporate market only, and will be available to your very own living room – provided you want it there.

“We think that there is potential for a 23-inch tablet. We’d have to take care of battery life and we are working to get the weight down…It’s obviously not for full mobility use, but it could be moved from room to room in the house and used with a full keyboard, or as a television. Or you could lay it on a table top and use it for family games.” And this giant of a tablet isn’t some lofty, engineers-gone-mad dream: Lenovo is hoping to launch it later this year.

Sounds a lot like Microsoft’s Surface to us. The 30-inch Surface was introduced in 2007, largely as a product for businesses and the retail world. It also came with a $5,000 to $10,000 price tag. It’s undergone some renovations since its debut (including improved touch performance thanks to its adoption of a camera-driven interface), and according to Microsoft’s site, will be available for purchase in 2011. We feel a competition coming on…

Will the Lenovo super tablet and the Surface spur a tablet revolution? No more of this 7-inch, 10-inch nonsense, it’s time to break out the big screens that will become your TV, computer, and table all in one. At least that’s the idea: It certainly seems like an idea that has a very (very, very, very) niche audience, but we suppose it’s impossible to gather a family of four around the iPad or Xoom for game night.