Could Lenovo’s next phone have a 46-day battery life?

lenovos next phone 46 day battery life smartphone
Dwindling battery life is a perennial problem for just about anyone who owns a smartphone these days, but Lenovo could have the answer: Leaked specifications for its next business-focused handset, codenamed the P70t, suggest the phone could offer users up to 46 days of battery life. That’s a lot of time away from a power socket.

The information comes courtesy of documents seen by Gizmo China which indicate the smartphone will boast a 4000mAh battery, way above the average — the battery inside the iPhone 6 is a 1810mAh one, for example. The phone is also going to feature a variety of power-saving technologies, such as the ability to turn off background apps whenever the screen is locked.

When the P70t finally sees the light of day it will be available in black or white, according to Gizmo China, and will come with a 5-inch 720p display. The handset is said to measure 42mm by 71.8mm by 8.9mm and weighs in at 149g. A quad-core LTE processor is also part of the package and you’ll get a rather modest 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage space for your money. Also of note is the fact that the battery is removable — you could take a spare along with you for 92 days of charger-free living.

It sounds like the 46-day figure is a theoretical maximum worked out by Lenovo based on the size of the battery and the power-saving features it’s integrating into the P70t — with that in mind, we’d recommend still hanging on to your phone charger for the time being. Last year’s Lenovo P780, another phone aimed at business users, also featured a 4000mAh battery.

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